Monday, January 5, 2009

January 6 - Epiphany

An epiphany is a revelation. Something new and vital has come to consciousness.

In the Christian festivals, Epiphany celebrates the coming of the Three Kings or Magi. It falls on January 6th. The Epiphany that follows Inner Christmas and the Twelve Holy Nights lasts throughout the year.

Each of the Twelve Inner Christmas messages was written to initiate an epiphany in your consciousness. Each begins a process in your soul and as you let the process unfold some unexpected insight, release, healing, liberation, or transformation occurs. This unfolding may occur immediately or may take days, weeks or months to appear. Remember the Three Magi and their long and patient journey following the Star. You will find your way to the manger in your soul and the manifestation of wonder and wisdom.

Here are the twelve needs. I’ve put them in three categories for Three King’s Day.

The Four Mirrors
You need all four reflections to have a deep sense of who you are.


The Four States
You need to maintain all four states to have a clear, creative and productive soul life.


The Four Perspectives
Building imaginations from these perspectives brings
health and freedom into your soul.
Tree Image

I must laugh at this list because it is so different from what I had written down as possible topics before Inner Christmas began. I was surprised by the messages as I wrote them. After doing this for five years, I truly trust this spiritually inspired process.

After the Holy Nights

What happens to our souls when the Holy Nights come to an end? Do the veils between human souls and the Spiritual World begin to thicken again?

Yes, the veils begin to slowly thicken as earthly light grows. It is not a curtain quickly closing, just a gentle fading into slightly blurry shadows. It is not that we are less spiritual, or less connected to the Spiritual World, rather it is the graceful and creative cycle of our soul's attention through the Inner Year. Our renewed and re-purposed souls begin to refocus on the sensory world and our journey as earthly beings.

But after the experience of the Twelve Holy Nights, we see ourselves more clearly. We feel our relationships more dearly. Our ability to engage with our inner lives and our outer lives is stronger. We have evolved, grown, developed.

Remember to revisit the twelve messages of Inner Christmas 2008 throughout the year. Read them with wonder and new wisdom will appear.

The Inner Year

Each year our souls’ earthly journey offers way stations for rest, contemplation and inspiration. These are the seasonal and spiritual (or religious) festivals throughout the year. They create the rhythms and gifts of our Inner Year.

In the First Holy Night we looked at the mirror of nature. We can think of the seasons of the soul reflecting the seasons of the year- Inner Winter, Inner Spring, Inner Summer, and Inner Autumn. Or imagine the cycle of an apple tree - in the deep dark and cold of Inner Winter, the activity in the roots of our soul trees is very intense. We are gather the spiritual warmth and astral forces to put forth our budding thoughts, feelings and deeds this Inner Spring.

In a few days, I will write again and share with you the ways I will support your journey through the Inner Year.

Meanwhile, thank you so much for celebrating Inner Christmas, for your thoughtful comments, and for your generous donations. I do believe the Spiritual World delights in our work together.

I wish you a rich and fulfilling Inner 2009, abundant with meaning, miracles and mysteries.


  1. How amazing what is happening!

    I am truly touched by the Magic of Inner Christmas - and as surprised as you how the Inner Christmas Path has been presenting itself to you and to us this year. How stunning the way it actually grew in front of our eyes and souls with purpose initially unseen, now grown, mature and rounded, so well told by you. Now nourishing the Inner Year 2009 all year through.

    With deep gratitude to all the forces that are and be ...
    and to you Lynn for your huge effort!


  2. Surprise, there is another message Epiphany....
    Thank you Lynn for those wonderful days with so many posibilities, lessons, so much wisdom and joy. I certain will use my Inner Journal through the year. Read back, think over, write down my thoughts and feelings... So it will blossom and grow, deepen, grow stronger and so on.

    I had a lovely time here on the weblog, here in my own home in the 12 Holy Nights. And at the same time with al lot of beautiful people. Thank you all and be blessed!


  3. Thank you, Lynn. I deeply appreciate what you have brought.

  4. Thank you, Lynn, for such inspirational words and thoughts throughout the Holy Nights.

    I feel this Christmas has started a deep change within me, and your are gracefully "to blame" for this. What a wonderful discovery (by chance, or meaningful coincidence, should I say) to have arrived at your Inner Year blog and then being directed to the Inner Christmas messages!

    I truly believe the Spiritual World revels in this work you do and share with all of us who have been lucky enough to find you! I shall be spreading the word...

    Much warmth and inspiration for 2009!

  5. Dear Lynn, Years ago I "unplugged the Christmas machine". Now there is an extraordinary replacement to the commercialism and pace. Thanks to my friend Michele for introducing me to you. Your writings have brought a new dimension and texture to my thoughts of Christmas. I look forward to 2009 and the adventures you will bring to me! Thank-you especially for the way you trust Spirit to adjust your path. Love and Blessings, Polly

  6. Thank you for your guidance these last twelve days I am inspired and more than that ready to begin the 2009 cycle-thanks again

  7. Dear Lynn,

    Inner Christmas 2007 began a spiritual journey for me. I spent much of 2008 doing deep soul work and I made a commitment to myself that Inner Christmas 2008 would be the beginning of my stepping out into the world again. So, each day I wrote a comment. My profile was anonymous but with my initials at the end of each comment I am taking a symbolic stand for letting myself be known. Throughout my life I have been a told that I need to share myself with the world yet I have not felt the desire or need. Slowing, I am beginning. I feel a new stirring within and will continue to develop my thoughts that your writings inspired. Thank you. SCS

    P.S. After I read the preview before posting I got an epiphany. Saying I had no desire or need to put myself out there has been a cover-up for fear. I am beginning to break through my fear!
    Wow! Thank you again.

  8. I am so excited to read your messages. It's been a busy season so I resisted rushing through them, reading only a few when space opened, & will now print them out for deeper consideration. 12 days, 12 months. It's all the same.

    I just love your use of words, like "manger of your soul." How beautiful is that! I agree: "the Spiritual World delights in our work together."

    I delight. I thank you & look forward to more encounters.

    Blessings, love & light, I AM

  9. What a beautiful way to continue enjoying the wonder and amazement of the Christmas season you have provided. In the past when Christmas was over I felt some sadness. By reading and reflecting on your messages, it made it all some much more meaningful and poignant. It was the perfect way to continue the reverence of the holiday and ease us into a new year.I have truly enjoyed taking this wonderful journey! Blessings.......

  10. Leau sent me your link; I love the messages you have put out there! I shall come back and read all of what you wrote for the 12 Days of Christmas (and then some).

  11. Wonderful Lynn*

    Deep and ABUNDANT gratitude for what you have shared with the world! This is my first Inner Christmas and it has changed my life! Thank you for the wisdom, wonder, and beauty you bring through your words and intentions.

    I feel so blessed to have found this site.

    Abundant blessings*

  12. Ypur words and feelings of inspiration are truly a blessing. The most important thing I learned is to allow the spirit to work, manifest and ignore your own agenda. Everything will run smoothly.

    I want to know how I could donate to your work. Please e-mail me.

    Lyn, I am so grateful for this great work of yours.

  13. Lynn,
    Thank you for your gift. Moon-lit walks together with your words have taught me about the season.

  14. Thank you, Lynn. This has been a wonderful seasonal offering. I have saved all the messages, and will continue to work with them in the coming year. Blessings, and again, thanks.
    (From East Schodack, NY)

  15. bright blessings to you lynn and to all of you who i have been privately on this journey with and yet in community with....... i have only been using a computer for a little over a year and although i thought i never would at 53 i can say this and last years journey have been the most worthwhile and greatest reason to have learned (what very little) i have learned to navigate this machine.the friends who have helped me copy these jewels are also being touched and awakened. im a priestess and gypsy who wants to tell you this is the kind of work that makes me proud to be a human being..... all of you be amazing and stay wide awake in your spirituality im blessed to be on the planet with you at the same time xoxoxo rowan from santa cruz,ca