Wednesday, December 24, 2008

December 25 - The First Holy Night - The Need for Nature

On Christmas Night begin your Holy Nights contemplations with thoughts on your soul’s need for Nature. Whether you are a city dweller or a farmer, tonight celebrate your relationship to the natural world.

What do you think of when you contemplate Nature? Sky, sea, flowers, trees, animals, minerals, mountains, sunsets, breezes, bird songs. What activities come to your imagination? Erupting volcanoes, falling snow, germinating seeds, blossoming roses, soaring birds, crashing waves, leaping deer, dawning sun?

Nature is profoundly complex and utterly mystifying - just like your soul.

Nature soothes and terrifies - just like your soul.

Nature is of the Earth and declares the presence of the Divine - just like your soul.

Nature and your soul mirror each other. If you want to know your soul, study Nature. If you want to know Nature, study your soul.

Without Nature your soul suffers. Your soul hardens, dries up, crumbles.

Nature was created for your soul. Nature is the first source of art, science and religion. Every great soul has found inspiration, comfort and wisdom in the forces, gifts and nuances of Nature.

Now Nature looks to your soul to think deeply about her, to feel deeply for her and to act in protection of her. Does your soul realize this?

How much time do you devote to Nature? Enough time to meet the needs of your soul and the needs of Nature? What would be enough time? How could you give more time to the relationship between your soul and Nature?

As you reflect on your soul’s relationship to Nature, what comes to mind? Write down three memories of Nature from this year. Are these recollections of the vast expanses of Nature, or the tiny, breathtaking beauties she offers?

Imagine how you would like to engage with Nature this coming year? What new perspective or experience do you desire? Do you need to spend more time attending to Nature. Do you need to make scientific observations, fill a sketch pad with drawings of flowers, or create a nature altar?

Tonight wake up to your soul’s need for Nature.